Morty's Bandanas is a small pet accessory company. Chelsey creates all bandanas and Morty her trusted pup, tests all designs.

Chelsey and Morty set out to make unique limited quantity and one-of-a-kind dog accessories which are affordable, washable and comfortable to wear. All items are designed to be lightweight and worn with a collar.


Meet Morty

Morty is the 4-legged, co-founder of Morty's Bandanas. She was the

lead tester and model, and she was always there for cuddle breaks.

Unfortunately, Morty passed away in Spring 2020.

Meet Chelsey

Chelsey is Morty's Mom and the co-founder of Morty's Bandanas.

She designs and creates all bandanas in Hamilton.


Chelsey is a dog lover who wanted to create something affordable

for Morty to wear without tying anything around Morty's neck.